Between 2002-2005, I led three expeditions in search of Shangri-la. Each became both an experimental documentary film and a book.

The style is called “doc-fiction.” Actual scenes are filmed spontaneously as in a documentary. However, we use a story line to link events. The books are written in the same style. Events are linked with a story. That’s why we call it “doc-fiction.”

Sometimes we need a story to bring us on a journey that we were always meant to go on but would not have taken the first step without that urge to search for something that maybe we cannot ever find. Sometimes a journey is more important than arriving at the final destination.

I hope you enjoy my story. More important, I hope it inspires you to live your own life differently from what others expect or want you to do. Don’t listen to those who want to stop you. Just pursue your own journey, and go all the way, wherever it leads.

Always trust your instincts. They are never wrong.

And always remember, a single idea can take you in all kinds directions that you never expected.

So if you have an idea, just pursue it.